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5 Reasons to Turn Consumable Parts Management Over to Your Third-Party Logistics Partner

October 13, 2016

The right 3PL can perform third party procurement services for you at a lower administrative cost. And, on top of that, can bill you for the materials only as they are used, letting you keep your cash longer.

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To Improve Factory Output, Focus on Inputs

April 14, 2016

To improve factory output, the focus is usually on things like automation, worker productivity, and process improvement. Not nearly enough focus is placed on factory inputs – the movement of raw materials and parts into the factory – and how these inputs are managed to improve factory throughput and financial performance.

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Plant Services: What Manufacturers Can Learn from Great Chefs

October 1, 2015

There’s only one chef that is in charge of purchasing and ordering the ingredients, arranging shipment, receiving and unpacking the meats and vegetables, and managing storeroom inventory, plus the meal preparation. Her name is Mom. As for top restaurant chefs,…

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Lean Production has its Roots in Kanban

September 17, 2015

Lean Production has its roots in Kanban – a scheduling system for JIT production developed in the early 1950s by Taiichi Ohno, an industrial engineer at Toyota. Our company, Kanban Logistics, took its name from this system because of our…

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Improve productivity in manufacturing: 4 things your plant workers should NOT be doing

July 2, 2015

Busy executives have personal assistants not because they can’t do the things their assistants do – like pick up the dry cleaning and get the car washed – but because they want to free up time to focus on more…

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Manufacturing Logistics

Reduce Plant Costs with Manufacturing Logistics

June 11, 2015

To reduce manufacturing costs, start the assembly process outside your plant. Across America, higher-cost assembly workers are being paid to open boxes, search for parts and throw away trash. That’s because component parts are being delivered right to the manufacturing site.…

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Parts Procurement Services Improve Cash Flow

May 28, 2015

A large defense contractor, rather than hire additional staff in its supplier management group, outsourced the purchasing of all packaging and related materials to its third party logistics partner (3PL) as part of a manufacturing logistics solution. This freed up…

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